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About Us
The Company
We are a group of regular people who live and breathe digital.

We believe real work happens when ideas interact over endless cups of tea and coffee, and that creativity isn’t just about ‘beautiful designs’ or ‘smart navigations’ – it is hard work that challenges assumptions, and brings innovativeness in routine.

On paper, we are a digital agency that offers end-to-end website design, application development, product engineering, resource augmentation and cloud solutions. We build businesses. Our solutions make money for our clients. With a track record of completing projects accross industries, we are talented professionals in maintaining the international standards of quality and commitment. Details of some of our projects can be accessed through these case studies.
We don’t claim to do the unthinkable. Nor do we accept marginalized conclusions.

We explore the core issues, logically delving them into desired results with simplicity. Playing in the field by convention, we create solutions that go beyond the level of what you could have initially or individually imagined.
Building superior work solutions is part of our company identity.

We strive to take good care of our customers and they keep coming back for more. Our principals/values can be defined in these four lines:
  • Responsibility: Towards our actions that influence the work-delivery schedule of our customers and fellow workers.
  • Ownership: Of the projects we undertake, and being a part of our customers’ success.
  • Passion: Undying love for the work we do, for it gives us energy to focus, learn, and generate original ideas.
  • Teamwork: Because none of us is smarter than all of us!


A burning desire to comeup with awesome workwith freshness that work,runs deep in every memberof our team.


Our focus is on creatives hat simplify user experienceand at par with international standards and commitment.


We make sure to deliverour 100% to every singleproject. When we take upa project it’s our own project too.


We are a gang of youngpassionate people dedicatedto your projects. Think of us as a part of your team.