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Our Services
Delivering a delicate balance between strategy, technology, and design, our services are aligned with the digitalization needs of businesses.

Mobility Solutions

We produce well designed and efficient mobile applications and products covering a wide range of user and business services. Mobility solutions include the concept, design, development and functional testing, followed by release to app store and operations after that, achieved via iterative methodologies.

We work with leading native and hybrid development platforms and tools for the Android and the iOS world and critical guidelines, including those available from Apple, Google, Zamorin, React and others.

We provide native app programming, hybrid app development as well as mobile browser responsive applications. Narrow use cases for specific purposes, within integrated devices and interfaces, are a feature of some of our mobility IOT and field user solutions.

A vital feature of the approach we take to delivery and post-release of mobile apps is our unique testing framework that covers many scenarios across non-functional (performance, scalability, security) areas as well as related to the devices, networks, and usability.

Clients include a leading content publisher, a cloud-based media firm, and a global services firm.

Digital Business Solutions

We work in a highly fluid and dynamic product/service environ to craft digital solutions that meet business needs (addressing both business growth drivers and pain points), leveraging mature as well as emerging technologies.

Building quick MVPs, rapid prototyping, digital product design/development, building scalable, distributed backends and apps (incl. working with APIs and microservices), requires an intuitive understanding of the digital pressures at play, including managing real time business changes, latency, responsiveness challenges and across multi touchpoints, customer devices.

Digital Operations

We understand the challenge to this and deploy both automation and skilled manpower to the problem, hence we develop industry specific solutions to meet running operation’s needs of digital channels and services.

For a leading global information solutions firm, we manage a scalable, reliable and high performance content based services platform on the AWS cloud.

Digital Marketing

A significant offering at LogiqueBrain is our comprehensive digital marketing program offered to deliver desired results and effective campaigns. Our Social media campaigns believe in one to one interaction based on unique digital trails and focus on intelligence and business value than just superficial metrics and reporting.

We have successfully conceived and executed multiple digital initiatives for clients in the advertising space (and their end brands), including multichannel efforts and combination of techniques and tools across SMS, e-mail, websites, search, online adverts, backed by appropriate measurements and conversions.

We are in the business of building brands for our clients online, not just in automating and pushing their messages through digital channels. Hence our efforts take a full 360-degree view of their landscape (services, customers, competitors, ecosystems) and factor in influencer marketing as well as affiliates, partners, and sales strategies.

We are known for comprehensiveness of our approach while maintaining a scientific data-driven temper to the marketing initiatives while retaining the subjectivity in the benefits of the medium and the unpredictable user and his/her preferences.

Products Platform Engineering

With a dedicated focus on NPD (New product development), we have carefully collaborated with business and tech teams at client organizations to help deliver market facing, digital products, and services.

Our capabilities to do the following differentiate us,

  • Work in a highly fluid and dynamic product/services user environ. With a run with the problem and find the solution approach
  • Incorporate constant change and flux due to market and technology shits
  • Manage time to market pressures and competition to products of our customers
  • Execute to a highly interactive development style in co-development or independent teams
  • Follow an Evolutionary, create – show – improve – re-create style
  • Understand the digital pressures – real-time/low latency responsiveness and multi touchpoints, server-side platform validations, security, etc.

SAAS based platforms

We have extensive experiences honed over multiple projects, in building multi-tenanted, multi-user and complex SaaS platforms, solutions and services. Proven product scoping, design, feature management, and engineering tenets are inbuilt into our offerings/services and underlie a close partnership orientation towards B2B projects/clients in such engagements.

Such products and platforms cover an extensive range of business areas and are crafted with both mature and emerging technologies (into the front, middle and back) while tackling relevant pain point areas.

DigiProctor platform for Digital India Transformation

A Case in point is our recent solution for a skills development organization – in covering their offerings for the Cybersecurity professional education, training and certification programs.

The platform is a robust, multi-tenant, secure and scalable SaaS-based solution allowing the various organization, institutes, and government bodies to securely and reliably deliver proctored tests.

The solution offers the following features:

  • SaaS-based secure multi-tenant platform
  • Application and data access controlled through IAM (Authentication and Authorization) policies
  • Data security ensured through robust encryption techniques using client-owned private keys
  • Data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit
  • Supports Public and Private cloud hosting

Such an online proctoring and test administration platform has a real impact on Digital India, and it’s skill development programs.

Cloud, IOT and Engineering

The next generation of Cloud services will go beyond the basic fabric of Cloud-IT (IaaS, virtual machines based compute and storage offerings, etc.). Instead, they would more focus on the Industry 4.0 trends of IOT and device to a tool, supported by AI/ML and Robotics.

Data (both sensor streams/time series data and system transactional) will be the foundation of a new generation of technology services in virtually every sphere of the business world.

As a born in the Cloud services vendor, we are very comfortable with the design and development of such services and solutions.

About our comprehensive infrastructure command center solution offering, a SaaS-based command center for remote monitoring services for an infra fund.

About our grid-utility transmission network monitoring solution, A transmission tower, lines and passive infra monitoring platform using drones.

Platform-based Engineering Services

Logiquebrain has extensive experiences working with leading PaaS solutions, as offered by leading platforms, such as Microsoft - Azure, Amazon - AWS and by Google.

These are solutions we co-create with our clients into their specific engineering and operational scenarios, covering business assets and field services including plant, machinery and associated IOT use cases.

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