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Digital Content Distribution and e-Commerce solutions

From design, development of the technology solution to operations and management services.

About The Organization

The client is a leading information services and publishing firm with products providing computer-assisted legal research as well as business research and risk management services, headquartered in NY, USA.

It operates in four key markets: in public records and legal publishing; in risk and business analytics and in market intelligence services.

Scope of Engagement

The client offers services that are largely delivered via two websites that require separate paid subscriptions.

We engaged over a range of requirements to build business critical offerings for their digital needs for these subscribers. From creation of content based websites and portals, to developing e-Commerce sites, to building mobile apps for the users.

Mobile App
Backend System
Web Services
Cloud Hosting
Payment Getway Integration

Our Approach

We implemented a flexible backend content store solution to support the customized presentation to various frontend mobile apps. Our approach was to first capture business needs and understand the content complexity and then develop the UI/UX to achieve the best delivery and experience for the legal users.

We built and deployed the associated online web applications and integration services over multiple iterations. Basic features were put together first and then more were added over later.

The client also required an end to end e-commerce solution and we developed it through a systemic cycle of classic application development waterfall based methodologies.

Solution Overview

The solution required creation of various mobile apps and online sites, backend content systems, integrations with other services/apps leveraging multiple technologies and services.

LogiqueBrain designed, developed and deployed a mobile solution for advocates purely for reason that in courts the network is not accessible and lawyers can’t refer physical papers as it takes a lot of time. Our client envisoned a tablet based online and offline solution with comprehensive search basis on category and courts. The content was secure and solution comes configured with an Andriod Tablet with a subscription model.

Our solution for the eCommerce Portal for books with review and rating system included Cognitive search, Catalog management and Payment gateway integration with billing engine.

Solution technology architecture was based on Java MVP frameworks and it leveraged native iOS and Android solutions for frontends.

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