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Our Vertical

Digital Media & Telecom

The OTT-content and cloud/data services sector has proliferated and has seriously upended the traditional Telecom services revenues and created a new digital consumer/business space, currently an opportunity that is being better tapped by emerging players than by the incumbents.

Logiquebrain has extensive experience working in this sector and we believe the rise of the Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 trends foretell major drivers of the next level in this digital revolution, one wherein we can expect to experience an increasing demand in machine-to-machine and cloud services, thereby increasing opportunities for Telecom service provider offerings as well.

Over the recent years, we have worked extensively with large telecom players in the emerging markets of India, Africa, and Asia, to help them in both their client facing web/mobile products as well as in their internal efficiency improvement needs.

Our field engineer work tracking and project/site services for network infra/towers, delivered on a mobile platform for services of a Telecom firm.

Our retail point solution for a service provider, A mobile-based tool for local pickup points.

Our creative design work and solution development of an end to end customer-facing portal, deployed for a leading Telco services firm.

Advertisement & Marketing

Traditional mainstream Advertising seems like an empty place these days. The fast-growing agency networks and businesses are now looking at the leading online publishers and social firms in the search marketing, advert and social space (FB, Google, Amazon, etc.), for executing their brand campaigns and targeted communications to vast online audiences.

Logiquebrain works closely with leading Advertising and marketing firms in helping them enhance their revenues in the new world of social media marketing with a range of services offerings.

Our service offerings cover a range of areas such as in Online campaigns, Creative design, Business research and related fields.

Social Media, SMS, E-mail Marketing

For a leading service provider in this field, we designed and built the campaign effectiveness and response tracking reporting tools and alerts/notification dashboards, apps to mobile users (product/project managers)

Business (Internet) Research

For a medical devices and scientific instruments marketing firm, we conducted a new product launch related business research exercise and helped fine-tune sales plan.

Creative and Design

For a leading e-tailer and consumer firm, we designed and developed their e-commerce frontend website and mobile commerce solution.

We analyze and produce well-conceived, reliable, digital solutions covering a wide range of marketing, sales promotions, lead generation programs for our clients. We also build content based online products and services for our clients.

For a leading India and Malaysia HQ integrated marketing and communications agency, we built a campaign execution tracker app and an online web tracking and reporting tool.

Information Services

Information Services is a rapidly changing industry with knowledge-intensive, real-time, digital technology-enabled services now coming to the forefront of market requirements.

We develop industry-specific digital solutions, covering a wide range of mobile-based products and services as well as online products. The range of our project work herein includes online information portals, e-commerce applications, information (content) vending tools, user analysis, and reporting services.

We work closely with many leading specialized industry players in the legal, judicial, medical information services space building their technology platforms, as well as new media systems.

Clients include a leading AsiaPac headquartered information service firm and a leading business information services organization in India.

For a leading global information solutions firm, working to enhance the performance of health professionals and the science and technology researchers, we built a scalable, reliable and high-performance CMS platform.


The Education technology space is an exciting space to be in, given these times of growth and change. The test prep and the online/e-learning firms continue to grow and expand offerings. Users are comfortable consuming content on their devices, and the virtual classroom and new media learning experience have shifted the courseware of the traditional universities and schools to a digital-based instructional and learning offerings and services landscape.

Online MOOCs and specialized, focussed learning methods that are supported by digital video (streamed content or live interactively) have disrupted the traditional unchanging world of hallowed institutions and brands.

LogiqueBrain has extensive experience working in this field and provides a collaborative, risk neutral approach to partnering with leading edge-tech and education-services firms looking for expanding into mobile learning offerings.

Our comprehensive SaaS-based platform for remote proctoring and online skills testing services for Cybersecurity training firm.

Our IP tool Exelexio, A test prep SaaS platform for CAT and mock exams.

Our LMS (L&D) solution deployed for a leading Education-services firm.

Sci-Med Publishing

Publishers of Scientific, Academic and Medical journals and research publications are rapidly adopting digital tools and techniques as well as offering digital titles and content in their services and solutions.

Business is fundamentally shifting to new media based learning products and interactive tools for mobile end users.

We produce well designed and reliable digital solutions covering a wide range of mobile learning content products and services. The range of our project work herein includes online portals, websites, apps, broader business communications platforms and unique point solutions.

We work closely with many leading industry players in their publishing and multimedia operations as well as in building their digital media platforms and content management systems. An area of particular focus is in the scientific communications solutions space wherein we leverage our skilled sci-med content writers, artists, designers and technical development teams to produce high-quality visual services and solutions.

Clients include a leading EU (Germany) headquartered book publisher, a top healthcare communications agency in India, and a tier I global publisher and an industry consulting firm.