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Introduction/ About the Organization

Organization is focussed on the Skills development space nationwide, specifically for Info-security training and covers both learning and testing of participants. The organization also provides consulting and advisory based project services in the domain. With an intent to further grow the base of certified and tested students, it has created a full solution for online skill testing and remote proctoring.

Scope of Engagement

A cloud based SaaS platform was developed and is deployed for remote participants from multiple skill development partners/agencies (for their separate batches of students) as well as national and regional universities and colleges. It provides for aspirants to take live tests remotely (not a simulates) in an exam model and allows them to take a test under remote supervision and proctoring (video).

Such a platform is fully customized to match the actual user experience and behaviour of a student taking a test for each participating university/organization and remotely proctored by their appointed observers.

Solution Overview

The solution includes full secured clients, admin backend interfaces for creating and delivering the tests, real-time analytics, user remote proctoring, third party integrations etc. it also includes an option to set up a client specific dashboard/web portal.

Beneficiaries may include:

  • High volume education testing and certification agencies under National Cyber Skills Dev policy and other programs
  • Independent colleges and training firms
  • Learning and test preparation centres, Schools
  • University Examinations

Some features to highlight:

  • Online testing for candidates in a real-time mode
  • Secured delivery of questions to client (locked for test period)
  • Video stream proctored by remote observers
  • Setting up of multiple Testing programs under one/more client’s
  • Centralized implementation and administration
  • Reports and analytics including intelligent video analysis
  • Highly secure access control and management functionalities
  • Third party integrations for content providers

Online Proctoring and Test Platform

The solution offers the following features:

  • SaaS based secure multi-tenant platform
  • Application and data access controlled through IAM (Authentication and Authorization) policies
  • Data security ensured through strong encryption techniques using client owned private keys
  • Data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit
  • Supports Public and Private cloud hosting

Our Approach

The approach we took was to align the product development and design to end customer use cases and develop it in collaboration with the customer.

Use Cases include Cyber-skills testing org., 3 Universities piloting this program, others.

Use Case I: Purely as a testing engine for skills

Various small training and learning institutions providing medium sized courses for participants in this domain can expand and offer them remotely and aspirants can have access to this platform that helps them take tests and gain certifications.

Use Case II: As part of a University program for students undergoing online learning and then testing

A regional university that provides remote and correspondence learning for students intends to expand with their online learning programs and conducts exams for each module, using a secured desktop and full end to end connects via encrypted exams and video stream proctoring using intelligence and analytics. A custom solution can also be deployed specific to the education partner client/university using building blocks of LMS and testing engine.

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